2000 Presidential Status Summary (table)

The following table summarizes the ballot-access data from the October 1st 2000 issue of Ballot Access News, including updates through November 3rd. The table shows some important facts: (1) there are only two candidates on all ballots -- the Democratic and Republican candidates -- but three parties, because the Libertarians have another candidate in Arizona, (2) there are only seven candidates who have a theoretical chance at more than 270 Electoral College Votes, and (3) there are only sixteen candidates who are on even one state ballot. Not counted or shown here are any write-in candidacies.

Candidate Name Ballots Possible ECV Possible Voters Party Name Notes
Al Gore 50,DC 538 100% Democrat
George W. Bush 50,DC 538 100% Republican
Harry Browne 49,DC 530 ??? Libertarian not on Arizona ballot due to internal Party factional fight
Pat Buchanan 49 517 ??? Reform not on ballot in MI, DC
Ralph Nader 43,DC 481 ??? Green not on ballot in GA, ID, IN, NC, OK, SD, WY
Howard Phillips 41 409 ??? Constitution not on ballot in AZ, DC, GA, IL, IN, MA, NC, OK, TX, WV
John Hagelin 38 391 ??? Natural Law not on ballot in CT, DC, GA, IN, ME, MD, NH, NC, OK, PA, SD, TX, VA
James Harris 13,DC 151 ??? Socialist Workers on in CO, DC, FL, IA, LA, MN, MS, NJ, NY, RI, UT, VT, WA, WI
David McReynolds 7 73 ??? Socialist on in CO, FL, IA, NJ, RI, VT, WA
Monica Moorehead 4 51 ??? Workers World on in FL, RI, WA, WI
Earl Dodge 1 8 ??? Prohibition on in CO only
Neil Smith 1 8 ??? Libertarian on in AZ only
Dennis Lane 1 3 ??? Grassroots on in VT only
Randall Venson 1 11 ??? independent on in TN only
Kathy Brown 1 11 ??? independent on in TN only
Louie Youngkeit 1 5 ??? independent on in UT only

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