Nader Unlikely to Appear on Illinois Ballot

Following is a report from attorney Andrew B. Spiegel in Illinois:

Nader is still “in court” in Illinois in both federal and state court. In federal (re unconstitutional filing deadline, signature requirement and definition of qualified voter), the U.S. Ct App. 7th Cir denied Nader’s Petition for Rehearing with Suggestion for Rehearing In Banc on October 15th; next step is either an application to Justice JP Stevens or a Petition for Cert to U.S. S. Ct.

On the state level, on October 19th the Il S. Ct. denied Nader’s Emergency Motion for a Rule 383 Supervisory Order, which would have short circuited the appeal process if it would have been granted. This was not, however, a decision on the merits.

The appeal on the merits was denied by the 1st District Appellate Court in an 18 page opinion issued October 22, 2004. A Petition for Leave to Appeal to the Il S. Ct. would be the next step.

The only legal recourse for Nader to appear on the ballot is the Application to Justice Stevens. We are still contemplating this move.

Nader and Camejo each signed 110 Statements of Intent to run as a write-in candidate in Illinois and these were sent to each of the 110 electoral jurisdictions. Calls are being made to each one to insure receipt of the Statement and inclusion in the approved list of write-in candidates.


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