Georgia Libertarian in Run-Off for Partisan Office

The Georgia Libertarian Party candidate for Dade County Executive is in a run-off election Tuesday, November 23.

Ben Brandon received 33% of the vote in the November 2 election for the partisan office. The Republican candidate received 40% and the Democrat received 27%. This is the first time Dade County voters are electing a County Executive, so there is no incumbent. Previously, the post was a hired position.

Brandon is given a good chance of victory in the run-off. He has extensive activity in the community and local business and has received the endorsement of Republican State Representative Brian Joyce, in spite of the fact that Brandon’s opposition is a Republican. Also, it has been reported that local Democratic leaders are urging vote for Brandon.


Georgia Libertarian in Run-Off for Partisan Office — 4 Comments

  1. How can I find the news archives for Nov. 1 through Nov. 6? I remember there were items posted — like the list of states where parties gained or lost qualified status — but I don’t know where those items are now.

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