US Senate Vote by Party

On November 2, 2004, Democratic nominees for U.S. Senate won an absolute majority of all votes cast in the nation for that office. The results, by party, were:

Peace & Freedom
NY Conservative

*this includes votes cast for the Democratic nominee in New York on the Independence and Working Families Party lines)

Independent candidates and the nominees of other parties received the remaining share of the votes.


US Senate Vote by Party — 7 Comments

  1. People need to be more well informed about alternatives to the National Republican and Democratic Republican Parties.

  2. What appauls me that more than half of U.S. citizens old enough to be eligible for voting relegate themselves to spectatorship by not becoming involved as activists. If third parties could open the eyes of this largely untapped resuvoire of potential activists, they could easily turn the tide and effect great change in our nation on a scale not seen since the start of the westward expansion era. Spectatorship is an invitation to fear. Activism, becoming involved, is the key to true citizenship. Also, our countrymen need to discard this false belief in their own moral superiority and begin to see beyond the world of consumerism and corporatism that has gripped our nation since the end of the second world war. It is time that the workers of our nation developed interest in further unionizing of the labor force. It is time we made big buisness accountable for corporate crime which costs the American poor, working, and middle socio/economic classes an excess of $3 trillion yearly.

  3. I fully agree with Brent. We also need to go for direct election. Discard the 18th century relic that is the Electoral College.

  4. I disagree with getting rid of the EV. I favor reform. Break the votes down to Congressional districts, like they do in Maine and Nebraska.

  5. Abolish the ANTI-Democracy U.S.A. Senate with its circa 10 (repeat 10) percent indirect minority rule — due to the many very small States.

    Elect ALL legislative bodies using proportional representation — before it is too late.

  6. The Senate was formed to represent the States, while the House was formed to represent the people. We are not a unitary system like England. We’re a Constitutional Federation of 50 republics.

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