Cruel Election Law Bill Introduced in Arizona

State Senator Marilyn Jarrett has introduced SB 1218, which makes many miscellaneous election law changes. Among the change is a provision that if someone tries to get on the ballot as an independent candidate, and fails, then that person may not file to have his or her write-in votes counted.

The bill seems aimed at Nader voters. Nader tried and failed to qualify as an independent in Arizona. He then filed for write-in status, and elections officials tallied 2,773 write-ins for him. Under Jarrett’s bill, these voters would not have had their write-ins tallied. Anyone who wishes to try to persuade Senator Jarrett to drop this provision, can reach her at Her capitol office phone is 602-928-5288. She is a Republican and a member of the Heartland Institute.


Cruel Election Law Bill Introduced in Arizona — 8 Comments

  1. I wrote to her since I live in AZ . She isn’t from my area.

    We need third parties in this state!!!! You can see what our 2-party legislators are like.

  2. This new provision certainly has nothing to do with protecting democracy but has everything to do with protecting two corrupt major parties whose meathods of staying in power include the wasted vote myth(indorsed by the major parties), harassment, intimidation, cheating, unfair ballot access laws, unfair campaign financing laws, corrupting the electoral college, and in some cases resorting to the assassination of popular independent and third party candidates(George Wallace was shot while running on the ticket of the American Independent Party).

  3. Actually, at that time he was running in the Democrat primaries. It was his 2nd go-round, 1st being his AIP presidential foray. Not being mean, just correcting.

  4. Fact: Gov. George Wallace was shot while seeking the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination. The shooter, Arthur Bremer, had also stalked other presidential candidates.

  5. Matthew- check your history. George Wallace was shot in 1972 while campaigning for the Democratic nomination. He ran as the American Independent Party nominee in 1968.

  6. George Wallace was shot while campaigning for the Democratic nomination in 1972. He was the American Independent Party nominee in 1968.

  7. Sorry about that. Here I am interested in politics on the national level and I don’t even know political history in my own home state. I am very sorry. You all know the story. Lack of insight.

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