Louisiana Libertarian Party Now a Qualified Party

Yesterday, the Louisiana Libertarian Party became a qualified party in that state. Under a law passed in 2004, any unqualified party that has at least 1,000 registered members, and which pays a one-time fee of $1,000, becomes a qualified party.

The Reform Party also has over 1,000 registered members in Louisiana, but it hasn’t paid its $1,000 fee yet. The Green Party is working to get its registration up to 1,000, and has about 900 now.

Being a qualified political party in Louisiana means that when members of the party run for public office, their party name is printed on the ballot next to their name. Louisiana prints party labels for all candidates for president. But for all other office, no party label is printed next to a candidate’s name, unless he or she is a member of a qualified party.


Louisiana Libertarian Party Now a Qualified Party — 4 Comments

  1. Congradulations to my fellow Libertarians in Louisiana. The Libertarian Party really is America’s true third party.

    If there is one thing I know, it is that our party will outlast all other minor parties and has the best possible chance of all the minor parties of becoming a major party.

    All other minor parties are like the flame on a candle. “The flame burns brightest just before it goes out.” The other minor parties such as the Green Party make the mistake of either etching their party’s fate to that of celebrities such as Ralph Nader or in the case of the Reform Party Pat Buchanan and find themselves hurting after the celebrity backs out, or they shoot for National and state level offices without first trying to build themselves up substantially at the local level. Us, we shoot for local and state level offices first and are spend our funds more wisely. We are far better at political strategy in the sense that we do not if ever, go beyond our means. Because of this we, the Libertarians, are able to better raise money for campaigns and have a wider range of extremely well qualified candidates to choose from.

    I bet you that at this rate, the LP will be a major party in only a couple more decades. I pride myself for being a member of the Party of Principle.

  2. This is one of the most encouraging pieces of news I have seen lately and I will draft a letter today to our current Delegate to the House in West Virginia to see if it is at all possible to instill some sense of shame in him and encourage him to introduce similar constructive changes to our state electoral code.

    The levels of registration and membership set by the Louisiana legislature are reasonable and set sufficiently high enough to prevent frivolous filings by whackos.

    If the duopoly is confident of the validity of their principles (if they have any that are somewhat consistent), they should not have any fear that they will be overrun by any challenger.

    Congratulations to the LP AND the people of Louisiana for now having potential alternatives to the two stale, statist parties.

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