Prohibition Party Now a Qualified Party in Florida

Last month, the Prohibition Party became ballot-qualified in Florida. This is the first time the party has been ballot-qualified in any state, since it lost its qualified status in New Mexico in 1992. It’s very easy for a party to become qualified in Florida; it merely submits a list of its state officers. The only hurdle that ballot-qualified parties have in Florida is that each nominee must pay a very high filing fee; however there is no fee to run for president.


Prohibition Party Now a Qualified Party in Florida — 4 Comments

  1. Is this a new law? I would guess every minor party will soon be ballot qualified in Florida.

  2. “The more the marrier. That is what I always say.”
    That’s what Mickey Rooney and Larry King always say, too.
    The Prohibition Party has managed to be on the Colorado ballot usually, but I think has been limited to that one ballot for the last few presidential parties.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the prohibitionists would vote Prohibition instead of for one of the old parties and then the new parties could have higher relative percentages?

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