Greens Gain a City Councilman

On April 29, Napa, California city councilman Harry Martin announced he had changed his registration from “Democrat” to “Green”.


Greens Gain a City Councilman — 5 Comments

  1. Just as the Libertarian Party is the perfect replacement party for the Republican Party, the Green Party is a perfect replacement for the Democratic Party. Remember this major party hacks! Minor parties are comin for ya! Ballot access beurocracy or no ballot access beurocracy your days up high are numbered.

  2. We need to erode the two-party system any way we can…come at them from all angles and keep them tied up in knots!

  3. What we need is a powerful third party candidate that possesses so much cloat that the two major parties have no choice but to take his threat seriously. What I’m saying is we need a minor party candidate who is like Ralph Nader, George Wallace, and Ross Perot rolled into one. What we need is a third party presidential candidate so well known that his name alone is a household comodity. A man so powerful that his presence on the political radar screen would shame the corporate media if they were to try to ignore him. Someone so big that if the major media even dared to give him the cold shoulder, his presejnce would be like that of the elephant sitting on the couch in the living room that no one wants to talk about.

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