Oregon May Legalize Fusion

On June 30, the Oregon House of Representatives passed HB 3021 by a vote of 49-2. It would let two parties jointly nominate the same candidate. A candidate who was the nominee of two different parties would be listed once on the November ballot, with the names of both parties adjacent to his or her name. For example, John Doe, Libertarian/Democrat. The bill exists because of lobbying by the Libertarian Party.


Oregon May Legalize Fusion — 5 Comments

  1. This is only a tool for third parties to try and horn in on major party success. It doesn’t work in NY and in fact they’re getting rid of it. Don’t bring this bad idea here.

  2. Agreed. This is a terrible idea which could backfire on the minor parties and I just fired off a note to my state senator asking him to vote against it.

  3. I would think that if someone did not want third parties to have ballot access they would not have an interest in this website.

  4. I would thing it would be a good thing for minor political parties as it would show that a Democrat or Republican got elected with the clear support for a third political party.

    Ideally third political parties would want some type of proportional representation.

  5. John Kennedy was elected in 1960 because, in New York, he was on the ballot on both the Democrat Party and Liberal Party lines. The votes for the 2 parties combined beat Nixon, but Nixon won Republican vs. Democrat. This is not mentioned much because it is usually overshadowed by the funny stuff in Texas and Cook County, Illinois.

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