Bush Choice for US Supreme Court

Judge John C. Roberts, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, has never heard a case involving minor parties or independent candidates, or any case on the rights of political parties in general. He has only been a Judge since June 2003. The D.C. circuit never gets ballot access cases. That circuit does sometimes hear cases involving cases involving presidential debates, but Roberts has never had such a case.


Bush Choice for US Supreme Court — 4 Comments

  1. Although I am personally a liberal, I think Roberts is as good as we’re gonna get. He’s smart, personable and clearly qualiifed and unlike say Robert Bork, he’s not a real ideologue although clearly conservative.

  2. Yeah, but if you post on this site, it means you care about 3rd party access, and if he’s in the Scalia/Thomas mold, they’re not exactly firebrands for inclusion. Although props to Bush on taking the rug out from under the Democrats, it gets away from me having to watch commercials about it for two months.

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