Oregon Primary Screen-out Signed Into Law

Unfortunately, on July 21, Oregon HB 2614 was signed into law by Governor Ted Kulongoski. It makes it illegal for any voter to sign an independent candidate petition and vote in the primary.


Oregon Primary Screen-out Signed Into Law — 6 Comments

  1. What is the punishment for someone who is identified as breaking this law?

  2. Not true. It makes it illegal for any MAJOR party member who voted in the primary to sign a petition for any office contested in the primary. The penalty is that the person’s signature doesn’t count on the petition, nothing else.

  3. Is Oregon one of the states that allows minor parties to collect signatures before the primary? If so, the minor party should make it clear that signators should not expect to vote in their primary.

    Also, is there any case law about this type of restriction? I assume that the major parties consider this to be casting a second ballot in a primary.

  4. Oregon still allows, even under the overly restrictive HB 2614, that minor parties can nominate someone form the floor of their convention. They can also pick someone in say, January, for that year’s election, as long as it is before OR’s traditional May primary.

  5. I would think that any voter with a current party enrollment signing a petition for an independent candidate for a partisan office be precluded from voting in a primary for THAT OFFICE ONLY.

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