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Two Additional Parties Won Partisan Elections on Nov. 8

Published on November 25, 2005, by in General.

Besides the instances listed in an earlier post, two other minor parties won partisan elections on November 8, 2005. In Connecticut, the Chatham Party elected five candidates to the town council of East Hampton. The other two seats on the council were won by Republican nominees. The party takes its name from the old colonial name for East Hampton.

In Pennsylvania, the Prohibition Party re-elected Jim Hedges, its nominee for Thompson Township (Fulton County) Assessor. Besides being the Prohibition Party nominee, Hedges also won the major party nominations by write-ins at their primaries. Therefore he was unopposed in November.

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  1. Kyle B

    in Georgia most city/local elections are non partisan. Never really thought about it but I bet the Libertarians could probably win offices like that in Georgia if they were partisan races. Ben Brandon in Dade Co. is a good example of that. I beleive that is his name but I could be way off.

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