Charlie Wilson, Ohio Democrat, to run Write-in Campaign

Ohio State Senator Charlie Wilson said on February 24 that he will be a write-in candidate in the May 2 Ohio Democratic primary for U.S. House, 6th district. He has two opponents for the nomination whose names will be on the ballot, but they have never been elected to any office and have little or no support from Ohio Democratic Party leaders. Wilson’s write-in campaign has been endorsed by the current congressman in that district, Ted Strickland, who is leaving congress to run for Governor.

Ohio does not have a tradition of write-in winners. The state banned write-ins between 1947 and 1968. A 3-judge federal court struck down the state’s ban on write-ins in 1968, in lawsuits filed by the Socialist Labor Party and the George Wallace campaign. Wilson has to be a write-in candidate because he failed to file 50 valid signatures to be on the ballot.


Charlie Wilson, Ohio Democrat, to run Write-in Campaign — 6 Comments

  1. Anyone who couldnt get 50 valid signatures out of a district with 12 counties doesnt deserve to be elected to Congress.

    Come on. That’s less than 5 per county.

  2. I think the deal was that he thought he had enough signatures but it turned out most were not valid. Since he thought he had enough he stopped getting signatures and that burned him

  3. Aaron seems to be a real expert on politics. What does he think of Charlie’s opponents that haven’t been elected to anything………..

  4. Joe asked about Charlie’s opponents who have not been elected… What about those who have been elected? Charlie’s opponents include two who have been elected. One of them is 1)the young Columbiana County (East Liverpool) state rep. Blasdel, who gets elected by just over fifty percent of the vote in a district which is just slightly Republican, and he has never been well known outside his county. His help from VP and Washington will not necessarily guarantee that local voters will even give him the primary, as the shoestring district covers about a dozen riverfront counties.The other former elected official, former Sheriif Dick Stobbs, is a decorated Viet Nam veteran who already has one major upset election victory under his belt. He has Ohio and riverfront roots, college degrees, including a Master’s degree, and a long history of public and community service . He is the darkhorse candidate on the Republican side, but he is well known and has strong qualifications and background that few other candidates have. Although several candidates claim to support veterans, Stobbs is the only one with a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, and possibly the only veteran in the race. He also has worked in Washington D. C., coordinating assistance with state governors and crime prevention programs, He has some experience and background which no other candidate has. See his website at and check out his bio.

    Both major parties could be in for a primary surprise, as local voters will decide the primary, not Washington. Charlie Wilson, like him or not, will have a hard time getting a write-in victory. Dick Cheney is not going to strongly influence voters in Monroe or Washinton County, or the lower riverfront.

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