Interesting Lawsuit Filed in Missouri

On March 27, a Missouri Democrat filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State, because she refused to let him appear on the Democratic primary ballot for U.S. House, 7th district. The Secretary of State refused to accept his candidacy because the Democratic Party of Missouri said the candidate, Glenn Miller, is a white supremacist (Miller accepts this designation as accurate). Miller v Missouri Secretary of State, 06-5032-cv-SW.

A few states empower political parties to reject a member or a candidate in that party’s own primary, if the member or candidate is not in sympathy with party principles. However, Missouri has no such law. Therefore, the state will need to establish that there is a common law right for political parties to exclude, something that will probably be difficult to do. This case may create an interesting precedent.


Interesting Lawsuit Filed in Missouri — 8 Comments

  1. There may be a technical flaw that prevents this case from going to fruition. After the Democrats rejected his fee, Miller filed as a Libertarian, and that party also rejected his fee. A court might rule that his only complaint pertains to whichever filing he was rejected for last, because his subsequent filings acquiesced in his non-candidacy with another party. (Missouri law prevents a candidate from being a candidate for the same office on different parties at the same time.)

  2. Hi, I’m Glenn Miller. Thanks for mentioning my case. Those interested are invited to read my pro se lawsuit against the MO Secretary of State at my campaign website:

    State statute 115.357 states: “No candidate’s name shall be printed on any official ballot until the required fee has been paid.”

    I satisfied that requirement, and have the receipt to prove it. There is no statutatory requirement my fee be accepted by party officials or anyone else.

    My phone number is 417-463-7703, and I’ll appreciate any and all expert input regarding this matter.

    I can also be contacted via, which is a free speech political discussion forum open to all regardless of race, religion, or views. My screen name there is “Rounder”.

    Thanks again, Mr Winger, for your interests and concerns.

  3. In Miller’s World, the Constitution would only apply to white, non-Jewish people.

    In other words, he would *fail* to uphold the Constitution, and we’ve had enough of that already.

    Miller has not been silenced, obviously; even paranoid freaks who believe in “Zionist conspiracies” and “blacks aren’t human beings” can espouse their nonsense. Nor has he been forbidden to run for office; he can get signatures and run independent, or he can run as a write-in candidate.

  4. The ballot access laws in the USA are too strict. I would love to see all kinds of different parties running and giving American voters the right to choose other than the current two-party tyranny we now have. What a joke! The country that declares it is a democracy has the most undemocratic election laws in the world.

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