Green Party on Virginia Ballot for US Senate

The Virginia Green Party has qualified its candidate for U.S. Senate. This is the first time the Green Party has completed a petition drive as difficult as 10,000 signatures anywhere in the South, except for the 2000 Green petitions in connection with the Nader campaign in Texas and Virginia in 2000. The Virginia Green Party calls itself the Independent Green Party.


Green Party on Virginia Ballot for US Senate — 2 Comments

  1. Their “Independent Green Party” name is appropriate because they are completely independent of the Green Party of the United States. Their platform is a little different than what you typically see from state Green Parties affiliated with the national party.

    There are two Green Parties in Virginia. The “Green Party of Virginia” (see is the affiliate of the national party.

  2. Does the GP of Virginia have ballot access in 2006? If so, would that be the only Green v Green race in the country?

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