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Unity08 Gets Publicity

Published on May 31, 2006, by in General.

On May 28, a group called Unity08 announced plans to choose an independent presidential candidate over the internet, and petition to get him or her on the November 2008 ballots. On May 31 the group was featured in the Washington Post and on the PBS News show Lehrer News Hour. The publicity was due to the fact that Unity08 is being organized by experienced and well-known Democratic and Republican political organizers. The spokesmen on the Lehrer News Hour were Doug Bailey and Hamilton Jordan. They believe that the Democratic and Republican presidential selection process (depending on Iowa caucus attendees and New Hampshire voters) is too exclusionary. They also believe that the two major parties cannot tackle the pressing issues of the day, because the base of each of these parties is fixated on issues that are not as pressing. Finally, they believe that the two major parties are so hostile to each other, and so dedicated to winning at any price, that public discourse and government policy suffer.

For more information, see www.unity08.com.

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  1. The original 1980 ‘Unity’ guy, John B. Anderson, is alive and well! Will he play a role in 2008? His ‘blessing’ would be invaluable……..

  2. Fred C.

    I can only hope Jesse Ventura and Ross Perot will come out of hibernation for this project.

  3. Brad

    John McCain just misses the Republican nomination then gets drafted in a Unity ticket.

  4. The same “former” maverick whom found illogical and rambling estreme Prodestant Minister Jerri Faldweld more mennacing than the North Viet Nameese army and then folded ‘like a used futon’ to speak at Virginia’s Liberty University?

    1999’s Man of Steel becomes 2006’s Man of Cardboard?


  5. Brad

    Well the man is not faultless and unfortunately he is working the system which means selling out a little bit. But I still hear the ringing of sincerity when he speaks more than 99.9% of the alternatives. I’ll take that.

  6. Eric

    McCain is just too hawkish. I like him but at this delicate time we need a man more prone to diplomatic solutions. I might suggest a ticket of John Edwards-Rudy Guliani. I think this could be Americas dream ticket.

  7. NewFederalist

    Perhaps if you reversed the order…

  8. I’m totally exicted by the idea. Not so much for the people behind it as for what becomes possible if they follow through on the basic idea and let the “the people” determine who gets the nomination and by what process. It you’re interested in helping determine this, go visit this web site for Unity Party Supporters to coordinate.

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