Illinois Independent Congressional Candidate Kept Off Ballot by Trickery, Sues Democrats

On June 29, Bill Scheuer, the Moderate Party candidate for U.S. House, Illinois 8th district, sued the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and various individuals, for fraud. Scheuer had laboriously collected 13,000 signatures to get on the November ballot. Since the legal requirement was almost 14,000, he had also contracted with an individual who promised to collect another 10,000 signatures for payment. The individual appears to have disguised his true identity, and also disguised the fact that he is a government employee associated with the Democratic Party. The individual gave Scheurer assurances that he was getting the signatures, but in fact he was not doing so. The case is Moderate Party v Dem. Congressional Campaign Committee, and has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge James B. Moran, a Carter appointee.


Illinois Independent Congressional Candidate Kept Off Ballot by Trickery, Sues Democrats — 2 Comments

  1. Ah, Illinios, “vote early and vote often”!

    Say what you want about Collie Fornia, but volunteer Governor Gray Davis hating citizens of every stripe had the numbers all but sewn up by the time the ‘Professionals’ and Mister Hollywood Hype, Adolph Schwartzen Faker, showed up……

  2. join> (Classy guy or Major Bull Slinger>)

    Open Letter To Democrats And Republicans

    The Republican and Democratic parties have picked the Illinois 8th District as one of their key “battleground” races in their struggle for control of Congress. They intend to pour millions of dollars into saturating us with commercial ads.

    Are those of us who live here just pawns in their game? Do we care about which party wins their game? Or, do we care more about who represents us?

    Because there are three candidates instead of two, no one can predict how this election will turn out. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican candidate can win based solely on party loyalty now. The third-party candidate will draw voters from both sides. This is a license to choose — based on the person, instead of the party.

    If you genuinely prefer Dave or Melissa to represent you — because his or her positions more closely reflect your values and beliefs, or because you feel better about him or her as a person — then I encourage you to vote for one of them.

    However, if you feel that my positions better reflect your values and beliefs, or feel more comfortable with me as a person to represent you — then please, vote for me. And, if you feel strongly about this, please also get involved in our campaign.

    As citizens and voters, we are more important than political parties. Our sacred votes belong to us, not to any party. This is our right, and our duty.

    Vote for what you believe in. Let the votes fall where they may.

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