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New York Times Story on Aaron Russo

Published on July 31, 2006, by in General.

The New York Times of July 31, 2006 has a lengthy story on Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom to Fascism”. The story erroneously says “Russo sought the Libertarian Party nomination for president in 2004 but dropped out because of ill health.” Actually, Russo did seek that nomination actively, and did not drop out, and was instead defeated at the party’s national convention on the third ballot.

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  1. Most newspapers run a “corrections or clarifications” as necessary, once or twice a week, maybe.
    The New York Times has such a feature just about every day … and needs even more.
    For such a hyped publication, it really is a pitiful example of “journalism,” full of bias and opinion, and just crammed full of error.

  2. Earlene Mcbride


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