Will Governor Schwarzenegger Sign Anti-Electoral College Bill?

The California legislature passed AB 2948 on August 30. This is the “National Popular Vote Plan”, which would provide for an interstate pact. The pact would go into effect when states containing a majority of the electoral college had passed it. States participating in the pact would agree to appoint presidential electors pledged to the presidential candidate who got the most popular votes nationwide.

Suspense is building, as to whether California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will sign the bill. He has given no hints so far. He need not decide until September 30.

For anyone who wishes to communicate with the Governor’s office, www.govmail.ca.gov, or fax 916-445-4633, or phone 916-445-2841.


Will Governor Schwarzenegger Sign Anti-Electoral College Bill? — 11 Comments

  1. At Main and Navy in old Santa Monica on 18 August 2003 Der Adolph Schwart Zen Faker looked Donald Raymond Lake, right in the eye and said, “I vill not be Grey Davis Junior. I vill be duh reformer. I luv dose vets! I vill reform Collie Fornia veterans!” (or words to that affect….)

    With Lake as the only Californian to be the lead speaker at all three Dump Davis state wide rallies. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home was an early and persistance recall participant. “Our bet was on Schwarzenegger!”

    Der Adolph started off well enough. While he was taking the oath of office in November, his staff told RINO (like Der Adolph, Republican In Name Only) Gray Davis’s favorite Veteran Killing puppet, Redding’s Maurice “MoJo” Johannessen to clean out his desk in “24”!

    With his own people in place, Schwart Zen Faker, has morphed in to Grey Davis with a crew cut. Thomas Johnson is MoJo Junior. William Parente is the clone of fired Veterans Killing Nurse Rachet, running what is still some of the worst veterans care campuses on the planet!

    Der Adolph tried to illegally kill a minor (headed toward micro) political party that pose much more of a threat to California Democrats than to the GOP! He says one thing, does another, and tells a third.

    Collie Fornia usually goes Democratic by a million or so votes in a Presidetial Election Year. What will liar and conniver Mister Hollywood Hype do in the next couple of weeks? Stay tuned to a Ballot Access Web site near you!

  2. This is definately something that needs to be signed. I have tremendous faith in Schwartzenegger’s Bipartisanship and think he is a good Governor. I also expect him to sign the bill because the does not care much for Party Politics and is in a somewhat close race for reelection, although he is certainly in the lead and expected to win.

  3. I find this to be an absurd, needless yielding of state sovereignty. As I understand it, 100% of California voters could vote Democrat, but if the popular vote goes Republican (with a mere plurality), then California picks the Republican electors? Huh?

    And I can’t wait to hear states accuse each other of fraudulently jacking up the vote totals.

  4. Personally I’d rather see electoral votes proportioned statewide (not Maine-style, but like the Colorado referendum back in 04). However I don’t think its a matter of state sovereignty since the bill won’t take effect until executed in a majority of the electoral college, effectively just a pact between those states to reject the system currently in place. I predict Schwarzenegger will sign the bill – at the last minute and possibly with some fanfare, when it’ll have the most impact on voters. If not, I may look more closely at the 4 third party candidates on the ballot.

  5. According to my mathematical analysis, California should only get 30 electoral votese, rather than 55.

    It would be really stupid for California to throw their Electoral votes away.

  6. What a terrible bill! While #4 might be correct in saying that this isn’t technically an incroachment on state sovereignty, you can be sure that the level of electoral discourse will sink with each state that signs on to this pact. Perhaps some states will split over this. That would be good for the system as a whole, and that’s probably the only good that could ever come of it.

  7. On a pragmatic level, would candidates then want to spend more time and favors in California, as it has such a large voter population?
    And rather than writing off safe states, candidates might want to aim for greater turnout all around.

    But as noted earlier, it opens up concerns of vote total fraud in every state.
    How many states could have padded their totals and affected the outcome of 2000?

  8. Look, the central question is whether you believe that individuals should vote for the president. The current system favors both Dems and Republicans as they can focus more money and time within the handful of ‘swing states’ leaving the rest of us to simply watch while our democracy is hijacked. As for voter fraud, have a deeper look at Ohio in ’04…Limiting polling stations, the flawed electronic voting system, etc. And the 90,000 or so voters in Florida who were denied the right to vote, because the were ‘mistakenly’ identified as former convicts. Will politicians seek to subvert the new system? Yes! My point is that it’s harder to subvert 50 states than it is to subvert a handful of swing states.

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