Max Linn Wins Court Order for Debate, Only Hours Before Debate Starts

Max Linn, who was kept out of last week’s Florida gubernatorial debate by a State Court of Appeals, won a federal court order today at approximately 5 p.m. He then participated in tonight’s debate, which was sponsored by MSNBC.

Linn’s new lawsuit had first been filed in state court in Hillsborough County (Tampa), but attorneys for the debate sponsor demanded that the case be moved to federal court. The federal court hearing was at 4:30 pm, and Judge James Wittemore, a Clinton appointee in Tampa, issued a ruling in Linn’s favor shortly afterwards. Chris Matthews was the moderator.


Max Linn Wins Court Order for Debate, Only Hours Before Debate Starts — 5 Comments

  1. Thank goodness for people like Max Linn who just made it easier for future candidates to enter debates in Florida by establishing precedent. I hope a greaty many people vote for him after he exposed the Democrats and Republicans on TV for being in bed with Special interest groups and corporations and doing little for the people of Florida these last 20 years. I was surprised to see Max Linn is reaally in line with the Libertarians even though he is registered under Reform. I hope Libertarians are aware and not only endorse Max Linn but get the vote out.

  2. Matthews virtually admitted he didn’t want Linn there when he started to assail his opponents. Mr. Linn was honest, open and most importantly critical of the status quo.

    This might force the elitist Matthews to concede that third parties exist and may have relevance in years to come. It’s not Teddy White’s democracy Chris, get off your Ivy League high horse.

  3. Max Linn is no Libertarian and does not want to be one. Max is a socialist and is proud to admit it.
    Now, don’t get me wrong. Having spent the past 3 months on the campaign trail meeting Max in about 60 different arenas, I like him and he has respect for me.
    I am very appreicative that Max was able to afford the kind of legal representation that could open up the course of future debates. He has my thanks and I will continue to be grateful for a long time.
    Blenda Noah filed suit in the Senate race but was unsuccessful. I expect that in the future there will be many more lawsuits on the issue and with the precedence that Max was able to secure it will be much easier to win.

    Thank You
    John Wayne Smith, NPA Candidate for Governor of Florida, 2006
    James J. (Jimbo) Kearney, NPA Candidate For Lt. Governor of Florida 2006
    The first Libertarians on a Florida statewide state level ballot.

  4. Max may have paved the way for third party candidates to get in, and heard on debates. It is only right that all candidates be given equal treatment by the media. Channel 8 Tampa (and its lawyers) were opposed to demoracy. A sad commentary on our times.

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