Missouri Polls

Missouri has two statewide offices on the ballot. A poll conducted for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and KMOV-TV, released October 30, shows these results:

US Senate: Republican 47%, Democratic 47%, Libertarian 2%, other and undecided 4% (a Green is also on the ballot).

Auditor: Democratic 45%, Republican 40%, Libertarian 2%, Green 1%, undecided 12%.

Missouri law requires a party to poll 2% in any statewide race, at either of the last two elections, to remain on the ballot. Libertarians got over 2% in 2004 so their ballot status is not at stake this year. Greens need 2% in one of these two races in order to remain on the ballot. Greens in Missouri have never polled 2% in any statewide race; even Nader in 2000 only got 1.63% in Missouri. In Missouri, the Green Party is called the Progressive Party, since another group (which is not on the ballot) already had title to the name “Green”.


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