Voters in 9 States Voting on Election Law Changes

Voters in 9 states are voting on ballot measures that would alter election laws. Instant-Runoff Voting is being considered in two cities in California (Oakland and Davis), Minneapolis, and Pierce County, Washington (which includes Tacoma).

Massachusetts is voting on whether to legalize fusion and make it easier for minor parties to remain ballot-qualified.

Rhode Island is voting on whether to let ex-felons who have been released from prison to register to vote, even if they are on parole or probation.

California is voting on whether to implement public funding for candidates for state office. The formula is discriminatory in favor of Republican and Democratic candidates, as opposed to all other candidates.

Arizona is voting on whether to use all-mail voting, as Oregon currently does.

Florida voters will decide whether to require all ballot measures to receive 60% in order to pass, but Colorado is deciding on whether to make it easier for initiatives to qualify (by somewhat relaxing the “same-subject rule”). Oregon is voting on legislative term limits. Thanks to Professor Michael McDonald for most of this information.


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