Zogby Poll Shows Smither is Far From Winning

A Zogby poll for the US House race, 22nd district, shows that Libertarian hopes of actually electing a member of the US House seem wildly optimistic. This is the district represented by Tom DeLay until April of this year. The poll shows that Bob Smither, the Libertarian, is only at 5%, even though his only ballot-listed opponent is a Democrat. A Houston city councilwoman is the Republican write-in candidate.


Zogby Poll Shows Smither is Far From Winning — 6 Comments

  1. Kyle, hammeroftruth.com is really good about posting all the news about libertarian candidates.

  2. Not a snide remark “by” them, a snide remark I almost made about them. I didn’t bother to perfect it, but it had something to do with Himmler.

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