Maine Greens Could Win a 2nd Legislative Seat

Ben Meiklejohn, Green nominee for the Maine State House in the 120th district, is considered somewhat likely to win his race. A few weeks ago, the Republican in the race dropped out and endorsed Meiklejohn. Meiklejohn is an elected office-holder already; he is a member of the Portland School Committee. The Republican candidate’s name appeared on the ballot for early voting, but voters were given a piece of paper telling them that he had dropped out and that votes for him would be considered blank. The election-day ballots will list only Meiklejohn and his Democratic opponent.

Maine Greens already hold one legislative seat, that of John Eder, who is running for re-election in the 118th district.


Maine Greens Could Win a 2nd Legislative Seat — 1 Comment

  1. a minor correction, Ben is running in District 120, another green campaign to look for is running in 119 that is Matt Reading running against incumb. democrat Herb Adams. . . that one will be real close I think

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