If You Live in Iowa, You Can Help Expand 2008 Debates

Some of the major party presidential candidates have started making public appearances in Iowa. In particulary, Hillary Clinton just made her first public campaign appearance (as a presidential candidate) in that state. If you have an opportunity for a face-to-face conversation with a leading candidate for the presidential nomination of the major party, please ask that candidate to agree to at least one general election debate (should that candidate by nominated) with the top 4 or 5 general election presidential candidates, not just a two-person general election debate.


If You Live in Iowa, You Can Help Expand 2008 Debates — No Comments

  1. They’ll probably come up with a stock answer to shrug off the question. “I look forward to many debates with all of the serious candidates for President.”

  2. Another thing you could bug them about is to include the not-so-big names in thier intra-party debates (Mike Gravel, John Cox, Hugh Cort, etc.)

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