Bill to Make it Easier for a Party to Remain on the South Dakota Ballot is Tabled

The South Dakota Senate State Affairs Committee tabled SB 122 on January 29. It would have said that if a party fails to poll 2.5% for Governor, it can still remain on the ballot if it pays $750 soon after the gubernatorial election. The vote was 7-1.

However, the same committee seemed open to a potential future bill that might keep a party on the ballot (even though it failed to get 2.5% for Governor) if it has 1,000 or more registered voters. Senator Scott Heidepriem (D-Sioux Falls) is willing to sponsor such a bill if he can get a Republican co-sponsor.

The only parties (besides the Democratic and Republican Parties) that were on the ballot last year were Libertarian and Constitution. Both failed to get 2.5% for Governor. The Libertarians have 1,157 registrants and Constitution has 339.

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