Illinois Bill to Accomodate Republican National Convention is Introduced

On February 28, HB 687 was introduced in the Illinois house. It relaxes the law that requires qualified parties to certify their presidential and vice-presidential candidates by the end of August. Since the Republican Party’s national convention won’t choose the national ticket until September 3 and 4, this bill is needed, to make sure the Republican Party’s national ticket appears on the November 2008 Illinois ballot. Similar bills will be needed in four other states.


Illinois Bill to Accomodate Republican National Convention is Introduced — No Comments

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how States are so willing to accommodate the Republicratic Parties, yet do everything possible to hinder “third parties” & Independents.

  2. Darryl said what I wanted to say. It really is nice the way that the big two will bend over backwards to bend the rules for each other but will turn into the Soup Nazi when they see a third party candidate struggle for ballot access.

    And then they do it under the guise of “we just want to make sure that people are following the rules!”


  3. I’d like to see a state or two refuse to alter their elections schedule. Let one of the majors have to deal with not having ballot-access everywhere.

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