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Maine Green Registration Rises Again

Published on March 26, 2007, by in General.

Maine’s Secretary of State has finally released voter registration data for November 2006. The results are: Democratic 31.16%; Republican 28.12%; Green 2.95%; independent and other parties, 37.77%.

Back in November 2004, the Maine data was: Democratic 31.17%; Republican 28.07%; Green 2.36%; independent and other parties 38.40%. Thus, between November 2004 and November 2006, major party and independent registration was virtually unchanged, but the Green share increased 25%.

The raw data for November 2006 is: Democratic 308,957; Republican 278,887; Green 29,273; independent and other 374,502.

Green registration is now almost at 3%. No other state Green Party has ever achieved that large a share of the voter registration.

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  1. Geraldine

    Maine Greens call themselves the Green Independent Party.
    Many, if not most, people registered to that party think they’re registered as Independents, not Greens.
    The Green “Independent” Party doesn’t do anything to speak of, just run the same old people each election. They’re boring.

  2. stephen

    I totally disgree with Geraldine. The MGIP is getting folks elected and when elected, they are making policy and changing perceptions of what politics has been.

    Check out the local papers — Portland Press Herald, the Forecaster, the West End News, the Bollard. The greens in office are doing good work and people are registering green because of this success.

  3. Linked to this post at Politics 2.0

    37.77% of Mainers registered independent and other parties – Ballot Access News

    Thank you.

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