Oklahoma Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Ballot Access Case

On May 15, the Oklahoma Supreme Court refused to hear the Libertarian Party’s ballot access case, a case that had been filed in 2004. The case is Libertarian Political Organization v Clingman. The party had spent a great deal of money in 2004 to submit a petition signed by 2% of the last vote cast, but the law requires 5%. The party had felt that turning in a petition signed by 27,000 signatures would establish that it had a modicum of voter support. The fact that no one else even tried in 2004, and that Oklahoma voters were the only voters with no choices for president on their ballot except Bush and Kerry in 2004, also seemed powerful evidence that the law is too strict.

The Oklahoma Constitution says that elections shall be “free and equal”, but that doesn’t seem to mean anything in the real world. Oklahoma is one of 5 states that doesn’t permit write-ins, so Oklahoma voters who wanted to vote for someone other than Bush or Kerry in 2004 completely lost their right to vote.


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  1. Maybe Bush should consider promoting democracy in the midwest instead of the mideast.

  2. Not only was Oklahoma the only state limited to just two choices for president, HALF of our state legislative races went unopposed in the last general election, which is the average for mid-term elections. See http://www.okies.info/needchoice.html

    The Oklahoma Coalition of Independents (OKIES) is seeking to address some of the systemic biases that limit voter choice, which means ballot access and redistricting reform.

    Also, visit Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform (OBAR) at http://www.OkVoterChoice.org

  3. Since this was a challenge to the state law, the US Supreme Court will not be able to hear it. We are working on a project to try to get the law changed through initiative petition. It will cost more money, we will have to gather more signatures in less time than ever before, and spend more money. But, we want to get this out of the hands of legislators and on the ballot for the voters to decide. http://www.oklp.org

  4. Oklahoma is violating multiple Supreme Court decisions regarding ballot access. This is a situation that demands immediate legal action. I’m certain the US District Court would overturn Oklahoma’s ballot access law as violating the 14th Amendment.

  5. Good luck guys. This is just one in a long line where your country’s headed, and I’m not being cynical here.

    I can’t imagine our Supreme Court not hearing something like this, (not to mention our voting process being as messed up as it is where you come from) you have your work cut out for you.

    Ban voting machines, vote by paper for the love of your country!

    -a sympathetic Canadian

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