Cynthia McKinney Radio Interview Asks About Potential of Her Being Green Candidate for President

On May 25, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney participated in a 23-minute interview on Radio Station WBAI. The hosts asked her about the possibility that she may seek the Green Party presidential nomination in 2008. She said, “With the failure of the Democratic Congress to repeal the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, the Military Tribunals Act, I have to seriously question my relationship with the Democratic Party. The idea has not been ruled out. All the current Democrats running for president support the principle of potential military action against Iran; none of them is for impeachment of the President. They can’t speak for me. I am open to a lot of ideas in 2008.” Thanks to Darcy Richardson for this news.


Cynthia McKinney Radio Interview Asks About Potential of Her Being Green Candidate for President — No Comments

  1. Forget party labels in 2008. We need the National Election Reform that we know we will not get from either of the Bit Two. 10 points that include ballot access fairness, media & debate inclusion, public campaign financing, Election Day holiday, secure voting and voting rights for DC citizens. All to ehlp third party and Independents. See Contact me for more info: Joseph Oddo 703-338-0200

  2. Cynthia McKinney for president? With her baggage the Green Party can do better!!

  3. “Michael Says:
    May 29th, 2007 at 10:58 am
    Cynthia McKinney for president? With her baggage the Green Party can do better!!”

    I’m not a Green, but I like a lot of what Cynthia McKinney has done and I think that she’d be one of the best candidates that the Green Party could have.

  4. There are already four candidates for the Green Party nomintion who are actually announced candidates: Kat Swift, Nanette Garrett, Elaine Brown, and Alan Augustine.

    None of the other leftist political parties have any announced candidates, so far, at all!

  5. There has got to be a bigger name out there than those four. I’ll take McKinney over no names. We need to get on the freaking map again!

  6. So far Cynthia McKinney is not a candidate. If she were to announce then I would consider her qualifications along with those of all the other candidates.

    There is little point in speculating about what person might make the best candidate. In the end, we can only choose from those candidates who are actually on the ballot (unless one wants to go the write-in route – which is usually pretty much of a lost cause before it even begins).

  7. How about Al Gore? He believes in many of the precepts to be able to run Green. His name is big, and he would be the best thing that’s happened to the Green’s in recent times.

  8. Oh my! Are you greens so whacky that you’d have McKinney on your ticket because people recognize her NAME??? No wonder nobody takes you kookburgers seriously!

  9. Run Cindy run! Maybe it’ll distract the mentally dysfunctional with a political focus and they’ll leave the rest of us alone.

  10. Cynthia would have made a good PRISSY in the movie Gone With The Wind and the comment ~ Lawzy, we got to have a doctor. I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies would fit her knowledge of politics in 2007.

  11. Cynthia McKinney is a fruitcake! She would make a perfect candidate for all the rest of you fruitcakes! Bring her on, this will be fun!

  12. The Green moonbat whackos deserve Cynthia McKinney! She will be a great candidate! Think of the entertainment value!

  13. Matthew wants a leftist lunatic to run as a Green Party candidate so that they can get back on the map. Back on the map? What map? Nader ran actively in 2000 as the candidate of the Green Party. That year, he received 2.74% of the popular vote, missing the 5% needed to qualify the Green Party for federally distributed public funding in the next election. He didn’t run in 2004, in order not to screw Kerry up.

  14. Yes! McNinney and Al “I’ll sell you crab Indulgences” Gore!. Let them both run. Then all the irrelevant twits can vote for the same couple of people.

    BWAHAHHA! This will really do wonders for the value of the Greens.

  15. Gore/McKinney? Glorious. Two whacked out retards leading a party of dozens of the same. Well, that’s what makes America great.

  16. Run Cynthia run! You and Cindy Sheehan are both disillusioned Democratic drop outs, what a Green Dream Team! Two Cindy’s for the price of one! It’s a no brainer!

  17. Gore/McKinney…Cindy Sheehan for Secy of State…John Edwards as AG….Ralph Nadir as Secy for Consumer Rights …Teddy Kennedy for Secy of Lewd, Lascivious and Licentious behavior…John Kerry to head the CIA, since he thinks he is the only one with Intelligence…John Conyers in charge of Prosecuting the Bush Administration for whatever he can think of…

  18. Henry Waxman for Secy of Gay Rights….Al Sharpton for Secy of Victims Rights…Jesse Jackson as Secy of Extortion…

  19. Yes, by all means, get McKinney to run. Run, Cynthia, run. Run, run, run.

    Every Presidential race needs a good goofball and she is the queen of goofballs. Her anti-semitic bit seems to play real well these days on the left.

  20. I can’t believe there is anyone stupid enough to vote for that ignorant woman…If you are stupid enough to support her, you deserve her and everything you get from her as a result…

  21. McKinney for President? You have my vote. Where can I sent a check?

  22. Correction: McKinney for President? You have my vote. Where can I send a check?

  23. not even a frost in hades would get me to vote for her. consider however,that we live in a representative republic,and we really do get the representation we deserve.

  24. McKinney for President? Good God yes, but why waste her many talents on the Green Party? Cindy belongs at the head of the Democratic ticket.

  25. Sal Reale is mistaken. Ralph Nader did run for president in 2004. He was an independent candidate and he received the nomination of the Reform Party and some other parties too.

  26. It’s funny how people continue to critisize Mckinney. Yet, no one can articulate just what what makes her postions so far fetched. Please, can someone tell me why Mckinney is “crazy”?

  27. She hit a cop… But look at her record as a congresswoman, she really has fought for the disenfranchised. Check out her documentary “American Blackout”. She’s the only one who had the cajones to invesigate when Bush’s cronies stole the 2000 election in Florida.

  28. Cynthia McKinney gives a great handjob, if you know what I mean. And remember, my name says it all!!

  29. Haven’t you ever got so mad at being mistreated so many times, that you hit someone. I know I have, and I am a pacifist. Cynthia didn’t hit a real cop, she hit an ignorant, palace guard, I mean congressional guard. Watch the video and hear her tale. She has certainly done far more right, I mean correctly, not deserving the criticism resulting from one moment of frustration driven poor judgement. She has the courage to stand up to the lies of the current administration, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of her Democratic peers, even the so called Progressive Caucus. It would take a lot for a person who has had support from her Democratic constituency to give up that support to strike out into the unknown of working with a 3rd party who shares many of her dream for people, but has few financial resources to offer her. Of course Green campaign funds are worth 10 times as much as that of the Democrats because of people commitment. I hope she does choose to run as a Green.

  30. McKinney was one of the first, if not THE first, politicians to stand against the war and she had the courage to stand against Bush while the democrats bent over and dropped their pants.

    McKinney was also one of the first politiians in the country to take a firm stand against electronic voting fraud and she was there when the fraud was conclusively proven at the Leon County, Florida hack .. while the democrats did essentially nothing while the elections of 2000 and 204 were being stolen right in front of their faces.

  31. I think she will bring honesty and justice to her campaign. Also I think She will put bush and company in jail when she takes office, something that the gop is fearful of. Also seems she is creating as quoted from site “the most advanced social-network ever developed for a Presidential campaign”. I think
    if she creates the most powerful tool available for her party and usses technology like no candidate has ever before, she could have a serious impact on the elections. Using today’s technology for her campaign is brilliant!
    You can find her secret campaign site here, looks like its still in beta but works

  32. The Green Party must really be confused and desperate. After watching Cynthia McKinney’s behavior, hitting the Capitol Hill police officer, in 2006, I couldn’t imagine her running for dog catcher. Why would anybody in their right mind elect McKinney to anything … let alone the Presidency of the United States?

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