Iowa Voter Registration Case Finally Over

On June 27, the lawsuit filed by the Iowa Libertarian and Green Parties in 2005 was finally settled, without any need for a judicial decision. The State has agreed to let voters register into any unqualified party that (1) submits 850 signatures; (2) has placed candidates on the ballot in the last ten years. Iowa and Kansas had been the only states in which it was physically impossible for a voter to register into any party that is not a ballot-qualified party. Now, Iowa will start printing a blank line on the “political party” question, on the voter registration forms. This outcome would not have been possible without the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa and its attorney, Randall Wilson.

Groups that submit the 850 signatures, and which have placed candidates on the ballot recently, will be entitled to a list of any voters, with their addresses, who register as members of such groups.

The right of a voter to register into an unqualified party has now been won, either by lawsuit decisions or by settlements, in Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and New York. However, in Oklahoma, even though the lawsuit won, the state implemented it with great stinginess; the outcomes have been far better in the other states named above.


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  1. That’S GREAT news. Thanks for spreading it. Do you know of other Liberatarian and Green Parties activists from other states working on this?

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