Libertarian Party National Office Mobilizes for Oklahoma Ballot Access Initiative

The national office of the Libertarian Party is providing substantial assistance to the proposed ballot access initiative in Oklahoma. Shane Cory, national director, has set up an Oklahoma tour for himself, September 3-7. He will be doing media interviews. He will also be raising funds, at a personal level and also at a public fund-raising event. Daniel Imperato will also appear at the public event, which is in Oklahoma City on September 6. Former Congressman Bob Barr, a member of the Libertarian Party National Committee, will appear in Oklahoma in October for another fund-raising event.

The national party is permitting part of its mailing list to be used for a fund-raising letter, which will be in the mail by the end of August.

The initiative needs almost 75,000 valid signatures, to be gathered in a 3-month window, which will probably be part of September, all of October and November, and part of December. Oklahoma law requires that all signatures be gathered within 90 days.

Existing Oklahoma ballot access law requires that new and previously unqualified parties submit 46,324 valid signatures, to appear on the November 2008 ballot. Independent presidential candidates need 43,913 valid signatures. If a party gets on the ballot, it must poll 10% for president to avoid being removed from the ballot. When a party is removed from the ballot, all its registered members are forcibly converted to independent status, although the party then has an opportunity to have them re-register back into the party; however, after 4 years, they are all again forcibly converted back to independents, unless the party has re-qualified. The proposed initiative would change the petition to get on the ballot to 5,000 signatures, and the vote test to remain on to 1% for any statewide office at either of the last two elections.


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  1. Thanks for putting a clear explanation on the most difficult state for an independent to make the ballot. Let’s not forget how that formula was arrived at. The Big Two parties who fear competition. All the more reason to enact the National Election Reform Platform.

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