Michigan Democratic Party Says it Will Use Presidential Primary

On August 31, the Michigan Democratic Party announced it will choose national convention delegates at the January 15 presidential primary (the bill moving the state’s primary passed yesterday, although the Governor still hasn’t signed it). This sets up a confrontation between the Michigan Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, in which Michigan Democrats will be allied with Florida Democrats, against the national party rule not allowing any states except Nevada, South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire to choose delegates before February 5.

Meanwhile, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden, said they will refuse to campaign in states that violate the national party bylaw, during the primary season.


Michigan Democratic Party Says it Will Use Presidential Primary — No Comments

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing you today as a very concerned Republican. Normally I am in favor of the Republican party, but this time I have some major concerns that I want to make you as the Democratic party aware of. Dick DeVos as far as I know will be running for Governor again. I know Dick DeVos has major ties to the Amway/Quixtar corporation. The Amway/Quixtar corporation is being sued right now on allegations that they are an illegal pyramid. I hope you will take very serious consideration to this.


    Eric Stewart

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