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FEC Book of 2006 Election Returns Now Available

The Federal Election Commission’s book of 2006 election returns, called Federal Elections 2006, is now in print. It is free and can be obtained by calling the FEC at 800-424-9530. It is the most elaborate election returns book the FEC has ever published. Like the earlier books in the series, it has election returns for both primaries and the general election. It has tables showing the vote for each house of Congress, nationwide, by party (except that it only has “Democratic” “Republican” and “other” compilations).

Unlike previous volumes, this one has 7 color maps of the U.S. that illustrate various points about the election. For example, one map gives a clear picture of which states had U.S. House districts that shifted from Republican to Democratic, and how many in each state. Another map shows which states had all incumbents re-elected.

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  1. Jerry

    I hope this book is more accurate than the U.S. House Clerk’s 2006 election returns book.

  2. Free as in, *completely free*, or free as in “Free plus shipping and handling”?

  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. Richard

    “free” as in completely free.

  5. OK, who is going to get it and put it online like a TIGER database. I’m thinking….

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