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Socialist Party Ticket is Moore-Alexander

Published on October 20, 2007, by in General.

The Socialist Party nominated Brian Moore of Florida for president, and Stewart Alexander of California for vice-president, at the St. Louis convention. The final presidential vote was 25 for Moore and 20 for Eric Chester of Massachusetts. Inasmuch as Alexander is also a member of the Peace & Freedom Party, this may be the best opportunity the Socialist Party ticket has ever had to also win the Peace & Freedom nomination. The Socialist Party has tried many times in the past to have its presidential candidate also be nominated by the Peace & Freedom Party, but that goal has always eluded it.

Brian Moore’s pre-nomination campaign website has been www.votebrianmoore.com. It has not yet been updated to show that he is the nominee.

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  1. Alex

    I was really hoping that Chester would be the nominee. The left wing of the Socialist Party got shafted in 2004 and a Chester candidacy for 2008 would’ve been a great way to make up for that. From a practical standpoint, however, Moore does seem to have more resources and more (as much as I hate to say it) mainstream appeal.

  2. Atlee Yarrow

    I am not surprised yet elated that something valid was finally done at the national level to correct unity issues. I welcome the ticket and support it with hopes for a brighter future.

  3. This is fabulous news. Yes! slap us five! Good luck my Party leaders!

  4. Mastroianni

    The SP has nowhere to go but up. In 2004 they launched a recall campaign against their own presidential candidate!

  5. Kyle B

    when does the Peace & Freedom Party decide who their nominee will be?

  6. re Kyle B Says:
    October 21st, 2007 at 10:41 am
    when does the Peace & Freedom Party decide who their nominee will be?
    July-August 2008

  7. Adam

    Anybody heard what the results of the first and second rounds of balloting were?

  8. Atlee Yarrow

    I have no doubt the Peace & Freedom Party will backup the SP-USA ticket in a spirit of unity once the meeting minutes are given and if those minutes reflect towards a united front in the political.

  9. Atlee Yarrow

    This is an FYI that the Peace & Freedom Party will not hold their nominations, “presidential preference primary” until the first Tuesday in February. Then in August 2008 their new State Central Committee will make the final cut and announce who those persons will be on the ticket. Some of the names on the short list are Gloria LaRiva, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, John Crockford.

  10. @Adam,

    In an email I received this morning from David McReynolds, he wrote, “In the first round of voting Chester got l8 votes, Moore 19, and Alexander 7. Two minor candidates were eliminated, and Dwight Welch had withdrawn. This left the choice between these three men to see who would get a majority. In the second round Chester got 18, Moore picked up two and got 21, and Alexander picked up one to get 8.”

  11. For Norma Harrison. I nominated you for President from the floor of the convention, and voted for you in the first round. I would have voted for you in the second round too, but my one vote was not enough to advance your candidacy to the second round of voting.

    Bill Stodden

  12. I the first round, It was something like Moore 19, Chester 18, Alexander 7, Harrison 1.

    Second round it was Moore 21, Chester 17, Alexander 8 (mine was the 8th).

    In the third round, it was something like Moore 25, Chester 20, Andrea Pason 1, Jon Stewart 1.

    Those numbers come to us from Dave McReynolds, who was paying more attention than I was, and from my own memory, for paying attention to the votes I cast personally.

    Bill Stodden

  13. Rodney Moore

    I have been registered as a socialist since 2003, and while I was personally friends, internet buddies, with David McReynolds, I found him to have very little appeal except among us. Brian Moore seems to be able to transcend this.

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