Pennsylvania Reform Party Affiliates with new national Independence Party

On October 22, the Pennsylvania Reform Party affiliated with the new nationally organized Independence Party. The Pennsylvania Reform Party had been previously unaffiliated with any national faction of the Reform Party. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.


Pennsylvania Reform Party Affiliates with new national Independence Party — No Comments

  1. We hope the IP is critical and careful of former and present Reformers via the malfunctional ‘leaders’ whom have beaten the stuffings out of the reformist movement!

  2. Is the Reform Party ballot qualified in Pennsylvania ?? I quess the National Independence Party is the one out of New York ?

  3. Please allow me to restate a message that I wrote on a previous page of this website:

    Phil Sawyer Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 5:44 pm
    Here is another thought on this subject; one that might help to solve the California problem for the Independence Party (and possibly Unity08 also):

    The Independence Party (and possibly Unity08) should help the Reform Party get back on the ballot in California. After all, the Honorable Ross Perot and his people, in 1995, were at first going to name the new party in California (and other states, etc.) the Independence Party. Shortly after that announcement, it was made known that plans were changed and the new party would be called the Reform Party. This was due to the fact that utilizing the name, Independence Party, would conflict with the mames of other parties in certain states (i.e., California, where we have the American Independent Party).

    Instead of starting from scratch, it seems logical to me that the Reform Party of California, the new, national Independence Party, and Unity08 should all help each other!

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