Illinois Legislature Adjourns for the Year without Passing National Popular Vote Bill

On November 29, the Illinois legislature went home for the year, without having passed HB 1685, the National Popular Vote Plan for presidential elections. It is possible the Governor will recall the legislature in December, however. The state has much pressing legislative business unresolved.


Illinois Legislature Adjourns for the Year without Passing National Popular Vote Bill — 7 Comments

  1. The two headed evil dragon of Washington, Distict of Disfunctional Beltloop! Democans and Republicrats have brought the one and only global superpower to the point of being an international joke!

  2. Good, hopefully the National popular vote plan will stay dead in illinois.this nation was never ment to be a true democracy,that is why the electoral collage was created.

  3. The electoral college merits and demerits have nothing to do with whether the U.S. is a democracy. What the electoral college does in fact is create a democratic election in which some voters have more power than other voters, depending on where they live. We have a democratic election of the president but some voters are privileged and others are discriminated against.

  4. I disagree that it’s a problem with the Electoral College Richard. It’s more a problem of how the States assign the delegates to the victor in a winner take all format.

  5. I’m with Ziemba, but I prefer the NPV for winner to winner take all. For that matter, I prefer district electors to winner take all. I most of all like proportional-by-state over winner take all.

    Did I mention I don’t like winner take all?

    But on the topic of these clowns – just vote on the damn thing you twerps! You found the time to postpone it an infinite amount of times, you could have found the time to say yes or no to it.

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