Alan Keyes Files for Texas Republican Primary

On December 31, Alan Keyes paid his $2,500 filing fee to be on the Texas Republican presidential primary ballot. That ballot now has 9 candidates on it. Fred Thompson still hasn’t filed, but he is free to do so on January 2, the deadline.


Alan Keyes Files for Texas Republican Primary — 2 Comments

  1. America needs a kick in the Rear!

    Wake up people, the only true conservative running is Alan Keyes, and he needs our support! We need someone who can out debate Hillary, and Osama Obama and win this election. Huckabee won’t cut it! The Mormon Cultist from Mass is too liberal, and you know Rudi is not a true Republican either.

    We must demand that Keyes be included and treated with respect in all 50 states, and that he be included on all ballots. How convenient for Iowa Repubs to forget to count Keye’s votes when they counted everyone else’s!!

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