Virginia Independent Green Party is Circulating a Bloomberg Petition

Michael Bloomberg has not said that he is running for president. However, the Virginia Independent Green Party (which is not affiliated with any national party) is already circulating a petition with Bloomberg listed as its presidential candidate. Virginia permits stand-ins. The vice-presidential candidate listed on the petition is Gail Parker, but if Bloomberg were to run and make use of that petition, Parker would be free to withdraw, and Bloomberg could substitute his actual running mate, later in the year.

The petition already has 300 signatures. 10,000 are required, due in August 2008.


Virginia Independent Green Party is Circulating a Bloomberg Petition — No Comments

  1. Bloomberg can best be described as faux…

    Faux New Yorker

    Faux Environmentalist

    Faux Independent

    Faux Non-sexist & the Un-bigot

    Faux Everyman

    Faux self-confidence of ever getting elected as a person living in sin with a religion other protestant who is against Gun Ownership….

    These Quasi-aspirations display a real faux sense of the reality on the ground…

  2. Well [while not disagreeing with any thing you said], may be this turn of events shows how frustrated those in the ‘radical middle’ are toward the two headed Democan and Repuplicrat self multilating monster which has produced the fascist global imperial empire while gobbling up the 48 state Nation State —-beginning with the corporate military industrial thugs aiming U. S. Navy cannon at the Queen’s residence in Honolulu in 1886!

    Sell off Quam, Hawaii, Alaska, PR, the Virgin Islands and then transfer the District of Columbia back to the Commonwealth of Maryland! Nationhood, not Empire!

  3. Not only has Michael Bloomberg “not said that he is running for president,” he has acutally said that he is not running – over and over again. He could always change his mind, I suppose. Hey, Cynthia McKinney did!

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