Virginia Independent Green Party Affiliates with Independence Party

On January 10, the Virginia Independent Green Party affiliated itself with the Independence Party of America, the budding new national third party headed by Frank MacKay of New York state.

The Independent Green Party is not a ballot-qualified party. However, it has the organizational strength to place candidates on the ballot in Virginia, and does so repeatedly. It has never been an affiliate of the national Green Party. The Independent Green Party has never before participated in a presidential election, but it is currently circulating a presidential petition listing Michael Bloomberg as its presidential candidate.

On January 26, the Minnesota Independence Party (which is ballot-qualified) will probably also affiliate itself with the Independence Party of America.


Virginia Independent Green Party Affiliates with Independence Party — No Comments

  1. The NEW YORK STATE Independence Party, Heavy in Looong Island and Upstate, and with their own renegades in NYC, arrived at the Sacramento National ‘Unconventional’ Convention during the last weekend of 2007.

    Frank MacKay, of Ballywood, Hollywood and East Coast entertainment cartels, arrived at a nearly empty room own and occupied by Bible Thumper John Bambey.

    With United States Parliamentary movement founder and educator and a couple of other non Reform Party USA [Shawn {Hattieburg MS) O’Hara, Rodney (Yuma AZ) Martin, Flip Flop Thug Valli Sharpe-Giesler, Nazi Thug and California State Chair John Blare] sitting around a speaker phone on the table, Frank whipped out a $500 check [on December 29th]. He was then made a /the Reform Party National Executive Officer. Did I mention that this was immorally BACK DATED to December 27th. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Having been expelled from the reform party proper in 2000, the New York, Column “C”, Independence Party is now the Empire State affiliate of the California, Arizona, Mississippi branch of the so called reform movement. The “O’Hara, Martin, Blare” reform party is NOT ballot access in any of these other states.

    Even as Unity08 slouches with unrecruited registrants in the Golden State, the Reform Party USA number continues to erode. The core of California reform party membership is via initia, not loyalty. As soon as they phyisically move [and have to re-register] the so called reformers ‘lose another one’.

    For years the Minnesota Independence has constantly told Citizens For A Better Veterans Home and others that they are just not interested in out of state [Extra Minnesota] entanglements. A 180 degree turn about is rumored for later this year!

    Minnesota’s mascot is, like the Jesse Ventura American Reform Party, the American Bison/ Buffulo. The Progressive Party of Vermont has the Bull Moose. West Virginia’s (Greenish) Mountain Party, The American Progressives {LA, Chicago, East Coast}, and New York Independence Party are mulling over the Bull Moose.

    The Green Party, in and out of Kansas, has the grossly whimpy and forgettable SUNFLOWER as the principle icon.

    And the so called reform party…I can not find any published meeting/ confab/ teleconference minutes. JUST LIKE WITH THE RUMP 2005 TAMPA/ SAINT PETERSBURG Charles Foster Texas/ FLorida/ Michigan cabal.

    Beaware that John Blare [and Martin, and O’Hara, and Bambey, and Valley Sharp Geyser] have repeated criticized the 2005 so called event. Hey, at least physical human beings were seen near the 2005 Atlanta and FLorida confabs…..

  2. (1) Good, maybe the so-called Independent Greens will now change their name to something like “Independence Party of Virginia” in the interest of……I dunno, no longer confusing everyone in Virginia, perhaps?

    (2) I don’t think a sunflower logo is particularly “wimpy,” but in any event, anyone who thinks that that is still the logo of the Green Party of the United States hasn’t visited the GPUS website in about a year or so. As for individual state Green parties, it’s up to them what their particular logos are and at least some of them still prefer the sunflower.

  3. I doubt they will change their name. Their whole point in putting “Green” in their name was to confuse voters.

  4. The way that I see it, they have a right to call themselves any thing that they want (within reason, of course).

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