Massachusetts Green Presidential Primary Results Likely in One Week

No one apparently knows the results of the Massachusetts Green Party presidential primary held on February 5. The Secretary of State’s office won’t release unofficial results. It hopes to have the official results by March 3 if everything goes well. The Massachusetts primary results will be interesting, since Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were both on the ballot.

The only other Green presidential primary in which both candidates were on the ballot was California, where the latest figures (still not official) are Nader 19,771; McKinney 8,692.

Anyone in Massachusetts is free to contact each town and gather the results now, and perhaps someone has done that.


Massachusetts Green Presidential Primary Results Likely in One Week — No Comments

  1. How is it that not a single person EVER talks about when Social Security laws were changed in the 1970s so the “government” could use SS monies any way they want?! I can remember that most Democrats were against it, because they figured that it would eventually bacrupt SS. Now I see absolutely no one saying ” I TOLD YOU SO !” If we don’t get Congress to change it back or at least use the monies correctly, our way of government shall fail. And that may be a GOOD thing! I am all for the betterment of humanity. Save the Earth!

    Go GREEN !


  2. Did you post a few of these things on another blog? That one post looked very familiar. Maybe I saw something about it on the news?

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