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Nader Campaign Report on Early Fund-Raising

Ralph Nader’s campaign says that just since he announced, he has received contributions for his presidential campaign of $35,000, from 344 individuals.

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  1. just to be clear, we’ve raised a lot more money than that in the last 72 hours, this is money for Ralph’s birthday today…

  2. Mike Gillis

    I just added 11 bucks to the pot. Give ’em hell, Ralph!

  3. Jason, nice to see you pop up again…..I was told you were bowing out of the campaign to finish law school.

    I’m officially neutral until Ralph clarifies his party/ballot access strategy, but my fiancee sent in a big chunk of change the day your website opened up after she saw Barack Obama give a speech. That’s right, Barack Obama got her to leave the DP and contribute to Ralph Nader. That’s my woman, folks. :-)

  4. Jonathan Cymberknopf

    Spread the word on Ralph’s new web site and urge everyone to give even $10 Honest Ralph needs our support, for Justice !!!

  5. Bob Marston

    There has been an announcement posted on the Nader Website that Ralph will be announcing his Vice Presidential running mate tomorrow , Feb 28, at a 12 noon press conference. He will speak a few hours later at George Washington University.

    He sure is coming out of the blocks fast.

  6. Sean Clark

    I definitely made my donation. Its unfortunate that the upcoming legal fees for ballot access will suck that well dry. It’s essential that candidates run outside of the corporate party system, or else the injustices will never bubble to the surface.

  7. I gave $50, but too am waiting to see what happens with the Greens and ballot access before I give more.

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