Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich Way Ahead for Reelection

Polls released yesterday and today show that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are well ahead in their reelection campaigns. Both polls were conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Ron Paul leads his only GOP opponent, Chris Peden, 63-30%. He has no Democratic Party opponent.

Dennis Kucinich leads his Democratic opponents with 55%, over 29% for Joe Cimperman. Three other candidates register 5% or lower.


Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich Way Ahead for Reelection — No Comments

  1. This also makes me wonder further abt Ron Paul’s essentially leaving the presidential election campaign when he did and how he did. I can think of many small reason, but the fact that this “big reason” he gave turns out not to be an apparent threat. Of course, the GOP leadership could have told him they would heavily fund the fellow against him if he stayed in to Novemebr. But that seems a little too conspiratorial for the post Rove GOP?

  2. Ron Paul never intended to run for president. He raised millions from a bunch of suckers and he took their money for keeps.

  3. Ron Paul has not stoped running for president. He is the only one to be the president. You just dont get it do you?. Research your stupidity. Ron Paul is the modern day forefather of our time. To deny this is fatal to you and your country.

  4. Modern day forefather? You mean a harkening back to over two hundred years ago, which had completely different conditions and political perspectives, very few of which are actually applicable in their original and “pure” form today?

    Yeah, sounds about right, I guess.

  5. Ron Paul never intended to run for president. He raised millions from a bunch of suckers and he took their money for keeps.

    Actually, he has spent a lot of the money on his campaign; his reserves are what, a quarter of what he has received or less? It’s not fair to act as if he hasn’t spent any of it.

    He reduced his campaigning activity largely because the race has already been decided. Perhaps he is waiting to use the last of the money to do a big ad blitz before the convention. Part of the current goal I think is to try to use the convention to alter the GOP party platform.

    In any case, I am much less interested in a Ron Paul third party run than in n eventual third-party endorsement from Paul.

  6. Dan,

    Everyone drinks Kool Aid, so pick your flavor and enjoy.

    Peter M.,

    Our economy is telling us something. We are going back in time, whether you like it or not; and it is precisely because of our current monetary policy, which you might think is applicable today. The concepts of Dr. Paul are as a matter of fact universal, and they seem more practical today than ever.

  7. Our current policies of “nation building” and fiat currency are actually thousands of years old; and they are policies of tyranny. The policies and principles our nation was founded on – freedom, liberty, and limited goverment – are very young in perspective. Tyranny has been around for thousands of years. Dr. Paul wants to restore the Constitution and its “new” policies.

  8. Ron Paul has gotten more votes, more press than any Presidental Libertarian candidate has.

    People who support him do not like the Republican party as it is.

    Third Parties like the Libartarian and the Constitution have an opportunity to court these voters.

    Ron Pauls campaign was worthwhile.

    I’ll drink Ron Paul Kool Aid.

  9. Dan obviously know nothing about Dr. Paul.

    Even John McCain calls him “The most honest man in Washington”

    Did you know also Dan, that Paul does not participate in the congressional pension plan? You would think someone out for money certainly would as it is very lucrative.
    But its unconstitutional and gives congress an unfair retirement advantage over the rest of us. I would imagine he does this out of principle.

    “Truth is treason in an Empire of Lies” – Ron Paul

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