Popular Vote for Dem, Rep Presidential Primary Candidates

29 states and the District of Columbia have held presidential primaries so far this year. From official sources, these are the national totals (this just includes primaries, not caucuses):

Democrats: Hillary Clinton 13,920,268; Barack Obama 13,855,412; John Edwards 957,712; Bill Richardson 104,303; Dennis Kucinich 102,241; Joe Biden 81,091; Chris Dodd 35,092; Mike Gravel 23,872; other 640,198. The bulk of the “other” is the uncommitted slate in Michigan. The vote for that was huge, since Barack Obama and John Edwards weren’t on the Michigan Democratic ballot.

Republicans: John McCain 7,613,865; Mitt Romney 4,487,320; Mike Huckabee 3,955,006; Ron Paul 803,825; Rudy Giuliani 584,626; Fred Thompson 272,583; Alan Keyes 40,855; Duncan Hunter 37,580; other 69,137.


Popular Vote for Dem, Rep Presidential Primary Candidates — No Comments

  1. this means very little.however billary will make the case if she leads in popular votes.

  2. The paper issue of Ballot Access News for April 1 will have them state-by-state. But only primaries, not caucuses.

  3. 803,000 votes for Ron Paul makes him the second highest vote getter among libertarians who have run for President, after Ed Clark’s 921,000 votes in 1980. With several primaries left, Ron Paul might equal the old record.

    Ron Paul’s percentage is higher of course, since fewer people voted in the Republican primaries than voted in the 1980 general election.

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