OpEd News Story on Green Party Presidential Contest

OpEd News ran this story on March 22 about the Green presidential nomination. It features Kent Mesplay, who says he is serious about defeating Cynthia McKinney for the nomination.


OpEd News Story on Green Party Presidential Contest — No Comments

  1. Nader is an Ivy League lawyer, and Dumb Dumb Masplay is a PhD!

    Mader [with every thing to gain and nothing to lose] had a chance to endorse the [supposedly Independent candidate for San Diego Mayor] OTHER write in candidate in November 2004 in San Diego County. Not a damn thing! [This is after his troops ‘blew it’ time after time on state wide ballot access! Nothing like the idiocy of ‘Out of Town Experts’!]

    Masplay does not get to the point. He says [in a stale and scripted manner] everything about everything. Ask him for the time and he will tell you how the watch works! He has completely ignored veterans [a sizable vote that the Progressives, Socialists, Feminists/ Greens have chased away election after election!], the 21st Century Peace Symbol [a minor modification of the Three Bladed Electric Generating Wind Mill fan on his home page] and anything Teddy Roosevelt/ Bull Moose/ and Teddy Bear.

    The guy, Don Lake’s Sandy Ego County neighbor, is just not smart enough to win!

  2. “Nader is an Ivy League lawyer, ”

    Read a bit history, Don; Nader did more to create a healthy, democratic and safety US than you, or I, have done. Enough with the whining and slander on Nader. get a life, or at least, get some history under your belt before you start make such tin-horn pronunciations.

  3. Fact: Nader is an Ivy League law school graduate.
    Fact: In October 2004 he blew off an endorsement of Council member Donna Frye’s write in efforts for San Diego Mayor. All he had to do was sign the endorsement letter. He blew it. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. And he blew it!
    Whining? Yes, and deservedly so.
    Slander? Two true statements and nothing false. That is not slander, that is the truth! Nothing ‘tin horn’ here but Deran’s diatribe!

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