Constitution Party is On Hawaii Ballot

On March 31, Hawaii Elections officials ruled that the Constitution Party petition for party status has enough valid signatures, so the party is on the ballot. The party is now on for president in 18 states. The Constitution Party had failed to get on the Hawaii ballot in 2004, although it was on in 1996 and 2000.


Constitution Party is On Hawaii Ballot — No Comments

  1. Richard,

    How many signatures did the Constitution Party submit in order to get the 663 needed?

  2. Dear Tom, What are you implying ? You need to get Driver lience number or social seciurty number by side the signature. Even Nadar didn’t make it in 2004.

  3. Glenn,

    I was pointing out that Hawaii tends to reject signatures at a very high rate. I was wondering how much extra work the Constitution Party had to do to overcome this.

  4. I need info re Nov 4 election. I would like to know the various issues – pro and con.

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