Missouri Constitution Party Submits Petition

On April 8, the Missouri Constitution Party submitted its petition for ballot status. The law requires 10,000 valid signatures. The party actually finished this petition months ago. However, a badly drafted law requires the party to have chosen its candidates no later than the day it submits its petition. The party has been recruiting candidates for Congress and state legislature for the last several months.


Missouri Constitution Party Submits Petition — No Comments

  1. How many “raw” signatures were submitted? Is this really a done deal or is there a chance there are not enough valid signatures?

  2. The Constitution Party does list a presidential and vice-presidential candidate, and candidates for electors. But the people listed on the petition for president & vice-president are stand-ins (I think Jim Clymer was on the petition for president). The Missouri Secretary of State said the stand-ins can withdraw and the real candidates named later, thank goodness.

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