Dan Tokaji Commentary on Indiana Photo Voter ID Decision — 7 Comments

  1. How soon before Civil W-A-R II ???

    How many standard predictable leftwing profs versus a predictable rightwing party hack Supremes Court — for the moment ???

    Earlier times – rightwing profs versus a leftwing Supremes.

    The *equal* in the Equal Protection Clause is SOOOOOO difficult to understand by MORON profs and MORON Supremes ???

    Sorry — ALL folks are NOT equal folks — mentally or physically — or even in financial net worth — regardless of armies of New Age MORON profs.

  2. If I’m not mistaken the cost of getting a copy of a birth certificate in order to qualify for the free state-issued ID costs more than the $1.50 poll tax (even after adjusting for inflation) in Harper that was struck down as unconstitutional.

  3. If I understand this decision, it says in order to vote, a person must have a government-issued identification.
    We must have government approval to be allowed to vote?
    Why not?
    We already have a country in which a person must have government approval in order to get and hold a job.
    Several commentators have noted there has not been many, if any, reported cases of fraud of this type on election days.
    I have asked before: Why don’t we just emulate the Iraqi system of marking a finger with semi-permanent ink to prevent anyone voting more than once?

  4. The ID is a good idea. Need I remind anybody of the Chicago Daley machine that had dead people voting for JFK in 1960?

    Considering that every numbered ballot can be traced back to your name if someone put forth the effort to do so, and the technology to implement that is high-school-level programming, your vote is not secret in the slightest, just not traced.

    The bigger problem is needing a SSN in order to get a Photo ID since you should only need a birth certificate (which everyone should have on hand anyway, including John MCain, but that’s a different issue!).

    The biggest issue of REAL ID is there as well. Nobody seems to mention the ramifications of that with this ruling…

    And equating requiring a Photo ID to vote as a poll tax is ludicrous. By that absurd idea, so is buying the stamp to mail the mail-in or absentee ballot, so is buying the car and the gas to drive to the polls to vote, so is paying the property taxes that fund the registrar of voters to run the election and print and mail out the voters guides. Yes, voting, like everything else in this world, costs money.

    The solution is simple: a photo ID under oath of perjury issued by the gummint. If you lie about it, you go to jail.

  5. Illinois vote fraud in 1960 would not have been stopped by a law on voters showing photo ID at the polls. The 1960 Illinois fraud was carried out after the polls had closed. It is similar to the vote fraud carried out in the Texas 1948 Democratic US Senate primary after the polls had closed. When all the polling place officials are corrupt and on the same side, and the early election returns show that the corrupt side is expected to need more votes, additional voters are signed into the poll book (pure forgeries) and ballots are voted for them.

  6. #5 More and more LIFE in JAIL felonies — including conspiracy to stuff ballot boxes ???

    Lots of *large* rewards to detect such felonies ???

    Require ALL able bodied persons in each precinct to show up and count votes after the polls close — or even all day to watch the ballot boxes (if ALL mail ballots are NOT being used) ???

    — i.e. treat election stuff like making / guarding WAR plans — with *national security* protection levels.

    Sorry – possible bad TV ratings.

  7. Also – start counting [with multiple counters] after N ballots (at least 3) — keeping the results *TOP SECRET* until the polls close or all legal ballots are counted in each precinct.

    Add a ballot, shuffle the ballots and count 1 ballot.

    Legal voted ballot by a legal Elector.
    Legal vote counting.

    This stuff AIN’T atomic physics.

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