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Iowa Legislative Session Ends with No Action on Various Election Law Bills

Published on April 30, 2008, by in General.

The Iowa legislature ended its 2007-2008 session on April 26. That session had various interesting election law bills, but none of them passed. Democrats control both Houses of the legislature and hold the Governorship, but they did not pass the National Popular Vote plan bill, SF 2008. Other bills that failed to move are:

SF 246, which would have required the order of parties to be rotated on the ballot.

SF 426, which would have eliminated ballot access petitions for candidates for township office (current law requires 10 signatures, but the bill would have said only a declaration of candidacy is needed).

HF 155, which would have let any registered voter serve as an election board member. Current law says only members of one of the two largest political parties may serve.

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  1. The legislature did pass into law election day registration last year. But given that it’s such a close battleground in presidential elections, if any Democrat complains this year about the candidacies of people like Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney, they only have themselves to blame for not changing plurality voting to a sensible alternative like instant runoff voting.

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