North Carolina Legislature Reconvenes; Could Impact on Ballot Access

The North Carolina legislature re-convened on May 13, and will sit for at least six weeks, possibly eight weeks. If the state court in Raleigh should declare the ballot access laws for new parties unconstitutional, in the next week or so, the legislature will perhaps quickly revise the law. It is somewhat fortunate that the legislature is in session. That will make it somewhat more realistic for the attorneys for the Libertarian and Green Parties to persuade the court to declare the existing law void. The court will thus not need to wrestle with the question of what state policy should be, if the existing law is indeed declared unconstitutional.


North Carolina Legislature Reconvenes; Could Impact on Ballot Access — No Comments

  1. Lets hope North Carolina finally gets a reasonable requirements for Third Parties and Independents.

  2. Here in NC, we are scheduled to turn in $128,000 (plus) worth of petitions on Thursday. After the SBOE verifies them, the LPNC will be back on the ballot.

    Unless… we win the court case, wherein we ask the judge to declare an entire chapter of state law unconstitutional and to enjoin the SBoE from enforcing it. That’s the chapter that describes those petitions and what to do about them.


    Of course, it’s very unlikely that both (a) we win and (b) the State does not ask for a stay while it appeals. (Unless the state’s attorneys are reading these posts?)

  3. How much $$$ to do a PROPER ballot access case about SEPARATE – IS – NOT – EQUAL ???

    Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483, 495 (1954).

    I.E. to have 1 or more EQUAL tests for ALL candidates for the SAME office in the SAME area to get on the ballots ???

    I.E. An EQUAL nominating petition to show preliminary support from the Electors.

    This AIN’T atomic physics.

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